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Makeup Brush Travel Makeup Brush Set With Leather Folding Bag
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    Item: Travel make up brush set

    Brush Handle Material: Wood

    Brush Material: Synthetic fiber & Pony hair

    Bag Material: Leather

    Handle Color: Brown

    Bag Color: Beige

    Brush Quantity: 18 pcs

    Brush length: 17~21cm

    Bag type: Folding Bag

    Bag Unfolded Size: 52 x 25cm/20.3 x 49.8" (L x W)

    Bag Folded Size: 52 x 14 x 3.5cm/20.3 x 5.5 x 1.4 inch (L x W x T)

    Brush Pattern: Solid

    Open/Close Type: Magnetic snap

    Brush Types:

    Face Powder Brush

    Blush Brush

    Foundation Brush

    Eye Shadow Brush

    Angle Shadow Brush

    Eye Shadow Brush

    Angle Eye Shadow Brush

    Small Eye Shadow Brush

    Sector Brush

    Angle Shadow Brush

    Eye Brow Brush, Eyeliner

    Lip Brush

    Concealer Brush

    Ultra-fine Eyeliner

    Shadow Sponge Brush

    Mascara brush

    Lash comb & brow comb

    The bag style is fashion, convenient, simple and generous, the materials are comfortable.

    It's soft and pleasing for your skin.

    Ideal for professional salon or home users.

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