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Digital Rechargeable Ear Hearing Amplifier Hearing-aid
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    Mini micro processor technology

    4 Different Size Earplugs to fit your needs.

    Wear comfortablely,fashionable streamlined design and clear and natural sound.

    Suitable for persons with slight hearing impairment and occasion where it's needed to amplify the sound.

    The capacity odf the NI-MH battery of hearing aid is 1.2V/40mah and it can work for about 24 hours continuously after fully charged.

    The hearing aids can only be chargeable with the matching charger(1.5v 8mA).And it is forbidden to charge the machineby other chargers or by connecting to computers.

    Material: Plastic,steel

    Color: Brown

    Current: ≤2mA

    Frequency range: 450Hz~3500Hz

    Max sound output: 125±4dB

    Sound gain: ≥38dB

    Input noise: ≤30dB

    Ni-MH battery: DC 1.2V

    Total harmonic wave distortion: ≤10%

    Plug type: EU Plug


    1 Amplifier body

    1 User manual

    4 Different Size Earplugs

    1 EU Plug charger

    1 Strap carring case

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